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 ​Art of Hair and InsideOut Nutrition

Our 2018 Holiday Special 
Get a sampling of each of our services for a special holiday price. Other times of the year, this two hour package is valued at $220 but during the month of December, you can purchase it for only $160!

Our Servies



45 minutes                                         $80
60 minutes                                       $100
90 minutes                                       $140

Therapeutic Massage
Is tailored to your specific needs, by combining relaxation, and deep tissue techniques

Lympatic drainage
This gentle massage helps release the bodies toxins and increases lymph flow, it also can helps with a lack of energy and a sluggish immune system.

60-70 minutes                                      $100

Head & Neck Massage          $55
30 Minute Session 
Relaxing & gentle stress reduction

Foot Massage                             $55
30 Minute Session
Includes some reflexology with focus on pressure points, gentle yet effective massage

Maternity Massage
Take a moment to unwind and relax during this wonderful time in your life

                                          ~Skin Care~
Customized to meet the needs of your skin with added pampering
leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated

Signature Facial
75 minutes               $115

Essential Facial
60 minutes                 $95

Student Facial
50 minutes                  $65


Brow shaping                                             $20
Lip                                                                 $10
Chin                                                              $12
Side Burns                                                  $10 
Neck                                                             $20
Full face                                                       $55

 Under Arm                                                   $25
 Half Arm                                                       $35
 Full Arm                                                        $45

    Bikini                                                             $35+
 Upper Leg                                                    $50
 Lower Leg                                                    $40
 Toes                                                               $10

  Back                                                               $60
  Chest                                                             $60
  Ears                                                               $10
  Nostrills                                                        $10

        Eye Lash Tinting   $40
Perfect for lashes that are thick but light in color, or dark but bleached on the tips

Energy Work Session $85   
Placement of hands on or over areas of the body, bring quiet to the mind,
balance to the chakras and a sense of calm all over

Chemo facial  $90
A gentle soothing facial for skin undergoing Chemotherapy, the goal is to soften
and lift dead skin cells while starting the strengthening and building process with 
antioxidants, peptides and essential nutrients

Harmonyum  $150
Very gentle, circular motion done along the spine, balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, bringing a sense of wellbeing afetr the session

Homeopathy Session   $45
Treating symptoms with homeopathic remedies


~Art of Hair~

                                  prices starting from
Wash/Cut/Finish                                   $50
With Flat Iron                                        $65
​Men/ children                                       $25
​Wash and Finish                                $35+


Single Process                                       $60
Clear Glazing                                          $40
Color Glazing                                          $60
Full Highlight                                      $125+
Partial Highlight                                   $90+
Individual Foil                                           $5
Dimensional Foil                                $115+
Corrective Color                                           
                                                                                   Permanent wave                               $90 
                                                          Smoothing treatment                      $200-$300  
                                                          Express Blowdry                                $125-$175  
                        ~InsideOut Nutrition~

As  your  Health  Coach,  we will begin by looking at your health history and current daily practices. By carefully listening and learning about your lifestyle, I will be able to  help  you  determine  which health  changes will be best for you as I guide and support you through the world of contradictory nutritional  advice. 
Your  Coaching  Program  will  be  tailored  to  what  works  best  for  your  body  and  the lifestyle 
that  you  desire... and  deserve!

If you'd like to learn more about:

Digestive Wellness
Weight Loss
Food Sensitivies Blood Tests
Diet and Detoxification
Food Sensitivies and Intolerances
Elimination Diet
Essential Oil Uses
Corporate/Group Plans
Pantry/Shopping Guidance

then call for your free consult today!

Health Coaches are stepping up and championing change, one client at a time!

InsideOut Nutrition CelebratesYou!

Give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of health! Be the best you can be.