Quiet Moments and ​Art of Hair


45 minutes                                         $80
60 minutes                                       $100
90 minutes                                       $140

Therapeutic Massage
Is tailored to your specific needs, by combining relaxation, and deep tissue techniques

Head & Neck Massage                         $55
30 Minute Session

Relaxing & gentle stress reduction

Foot Massage                                        $55
30 Minute Session
Includes reflexology with focus on pressure points, gentle yet effective massage

Maternity Massage
Take a moment to unwind and relax during this wonderful time in your life
Skin Care
Signature Facial 75 minutes             $115
Essential Facial 60 minutes                 $95
Student Facial 50 minutes                  $65

Customized to meet the needs of your skin with added pampering
leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated


Brow                                                             $20
Lip                                                                 $12
Chin                                                              $12
Brow & Lip                                                   $25
Brow, Lip & Chin                                         $30
Face                                                               $35
Chin & Cheeks                                             $25
Bikini                                                           $30+
Underarm                                                     $25
Back                                                               $65
Chest                                                              $65

        Eye Lash Tinting   $40
Perfect touch for eye defenition

Energy work   $35
Placement of hands over different    
areas of the body to bring quiet to the mind and body
(Included in all facials with client’s permission)

Harmonyum  $150
A gentle, non-invasive treatment that balances the left and right sides
of the brain as well as the sympathetic and parasympathethic nervous system.
The results are equivalant to that of an hour of meditation, unblocking the innate
healing capacity of the body relieving stress, physical and emotional.

Art of Hair

                                  prices starting from
Wash/Cut/Finish                                   $50
With Flat Iron                                        $65
​Men/ children                                       $25
​Wash and Finish                                $35+


Single Process                                       $60
Clear Glazing                                          $40
Color Glazing                                          $60
Full Highlight                                      $125+
Partial Highlight                                   $90+
Individual Foil                                           $5
Dimensional Foil                                $115+
Corrective Color                            Variable

Permanent Wave

Full                                                         $85+
Partial                                                    $70+